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The story of Lelli-Bot Crafts

Once upon a time, in 2006, a mum and daughter team set upon building a successful eBay empire selling quality supplies to the ever-hungry bargain seeking crafter!

By 2010, their exploding ‘cottage’ business had expanded into a second bedroom, a dining room and a garage. To create more space and secure more accounts with the larger craft companies, they decided to open ‘Her in Idle’, a small craft shop in their local village. Unfortunately, due to continuing ill health and a second stroke, a difficult decision was made to close the doors on their little shop and to focus solely on their online business.

Their online empire continued to thrive but by early 2013, they began to find it more and more difficult to source enough quality products to satisfy their customer’s needs.

After months of research, sweat, toil, tears, tantrums and sheer hard graft, Lelli-Bot Crafts was born as a quality and inspirational card making supplies and materials manufacturer and retailer.

Their company ethos is to continue to provide outstanding customer service with exceptionally high quality products alongside inspirational, on-trend ideas.

To be continued....

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